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Honesty is the Best Policy

This is a well-known English proverb and it is an article of faith with the Muslims, because falsehood has been condemned by Allah (God) and our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(Sallallah-o-Alaih-e-Wasallam).We must, therefore, be honest in our dealings with everybody, even if honesty brings us loss or suffering.

It is right to be honest and wrong to be dishonest, because Allah (God) does not like wrong - doers. It goes without saying that honesty does pay in the long run. But it is wrong to be honest, when honesty pays and to be dishonest, when dishonesty pays better. We must always be honest, without caring a pin for the consequences. If we have made a mistake, there is absolutely no harm in admitting that. Nor is there any harm in suffering for our folly. Our confession will raise us in the eyes of all who deal with us.

It may be said that success is, some times, based on falsehood. A student, by copying In an examination, may be declared successful. A dishonest merchant may make a great fortune. A corrupt public servant may roll in wealth. But there are instances to show that such people do come to a bad end. Sooner or later, they lose all that they gained through dishonest means. And death is better than the disgrace that follows it.Honesty is a golden principle of life on the earth.It, therefore, goes without saying , that honesty is the best policy.